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Her latest book is now available:

"Riding by Faith Across - Southern Europe"





Review by Jonathan Constant


Tracey Elliot-Reep is one of today's true adventurers, who has completed many extraordinary treks on horseback. The great advantage for the rest of us is that she is also a highly skilled photographer – well known on Dartmoor for her cards and calendars – and records her travels through words and pictures, so that we can all share her travels and enjoy the beautiful places she visits.


Tracey's latest book, Riding By Faith Across Southern Europe, is a graphic and gripping account of her latest exploits, taking us from Greece, through Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain. Just like her last major journey, when she rode all the way from Mexico to Canada, Tracey flew out with limited funds, bought two local ponies, and headed off into the hills, with only half an idea of which path she was going to take.

The journey was a true test of endurance, taking Tracey and her Greek ponies from the arid heat of Greece, to the high altitude of the Alpine mountain passes, and on to an ancient pilgrim trail, the Way of St James, all the way through France and the dry, windswept plains of northern Spain.


She faced many challenges, ranging from bureaucracy and paperwork, to a continual search for food, water and a safe place to camp – even in Europe, these are not the kind of things a woman with two ponies can ever take for granted.


Riding By Faith Across Southern Europe is packed with beautiful pictures of landscapes, animals, people and historic buildings. When you're not enjoying the photos, you're getting drawn into Tracey's colourful and enjoyable story. A captivating book for anyone who has a sense of adventure.


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