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Read a good book recently? Good CD or DVD?

Email us a short review and if appropriate, we will add it to our website

Here are some of our own reviews to get us started:-


"In His Steps", by Charles Sheldon

This book is still relevant to any Christian - even though it was written in 1897!

A novel about a town totally changed when people rose to the challenge of living life based on the principle of "What would Jesus do?"

This may be a novel, but it really made me think about how I live my life - making decisions with the view "What would Jesus do?"

Review by Chris 28 July 2014


"Stretcher Bearer" by Charles H Horton

This book really touched my heart, as one of my relatives was a non-combatent stretcher bearer.  A real account of a very real experience - I could almost smell and tast the battle fields.  A really good, true life account!

Review by Chris 28 July 2014


"My Secret Life in Hut 6" byMair & Gethin Russell-Jones


An enjoyable and engaging story of a lady who kept her vow to the Official Secrets Act until she was 82.  This biography tells us of life in Bletchly Park, but also of the family life of a lady unable to reveal her real work - even to her husband.  Reading this once won't be enough!

Review by Chris 28 July 2014











 Choice Words is now a member of the Christian Bookshop.co.uk network of Christian Bookshops allowing you to order from a massive catalogue of Christian literature, media and resources.  By clicking on the link above you will be taken to our e-commerce pages at christianbookshop.co.uk

If you use the above link, any purchases you make at Christian Bookshop will benefit Choice Words.



Favourite Authors


Adrian Plass

John Ortberg

Gary Chapman

Philip Yancey

Jeff Lucas



 Speaking Volumes

Help your commumity explore the Christian faith!  Apply for a grant to place Christian books in local community spaces.  Anyone can apply for a grant.  Books can be placed in libraries, schools, prisons, hospices, churches - at home or overseas. Click HERE to find out more.


Freedom in Christ Resources


The award-winning Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course is a proven and effective way for churches to help Christians become fruitful disciples. It's been used by around 200,000 people in the UK.

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