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Arch Justin Welby - The Road to Canterbury, Andrew Atherstone

Price: £7.99

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Introducing the new Archbishop of Canterbury, this brief but insightful biography of The Rt Reverend Justin Welby, follows the influences and influence of the new leader of the worldwide Anglican Community through his education, conversion, commercial career and church life.

From the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury’s earliest years to his enthronement in 2013, author Andrew Atherstone explores Welby’s formative years and his education including his conversion to Christianity while a student at Cambridge University. It examines his successful career in the financial tiers of the oil industry and his rise through the ranks of the Church of England from rector in Warwickshire, through director of international reconciliation ministry at Coventry cathedral and on to Dean of Liverpool and Bishop of Durham.

Drawing on personal observations and interviews with the archbishop's friends and colleagues, this study combines human accounts with formal archival material to analyse Justin Welby’s current leadership style and to forecast his likely priorities and passions – especially in his favoured areas of evangelism and reconciliation, combined with his business world experience, of shrewd management and risk-taking. The book is informative and interesting to any with a concern for the possible changes of direction for the Anglican Communion and the effect of this latest change of leadership.

Weight: 140g

Condition: New

ISBN Number: 9780232529944

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